Walkham Photography

Sales and Services

OK, so the title of this page sounds more like a sign you'd see hanging over a garage forecourt, but the sales aspect is what it says and the services could be useful !

35mm slides are scanned at 1200 dpi and can be supplied by email, on memory stick or on disc. Please don't ask to borrow original slides or negatives as experience has shown that they are often returned complete with the borrower's fingerprints or even not returned at all!


Black and white photographs are produced using traditional silver-based technology, as pioneered by Fox Talbot and Co. in the 1800s. The materials are, however, rather more up-to-date, being products of  Ilford Photo, the monochrome division of HARMAN Technology Ltd..


I like to print at 10" x 7" and to window mount with black board, more often than not in a 14" x 11" black/silver trimmed frame. Please email for prices and for other sizes:






I have been photographing mines and mining remains in Devon and Cornwall since the mid-1970s and have amassed quite a collection of material. If you are researching a mine's history and need a photograph, it's worth asking - I may just have one, probably in the form of a colour slide.


Perhaps you're reading this in America, Mexico, South Africa, Australia or one of the many other places to which Cornish miners took their expertise. If you would like a photograph of a mine where an ancestor once worked or the place where he or she came from, I may already have one or will be pleased to take one to order. Please email me with your requirements.