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Welcome to the website of Steve Roberts ARPS, under the guise of Walkham Photography.


My interests are mainly related to industrial archaeology in general and mining in particular. In the West of England there is a wealth of material to photograph - the remains of the region's tin and copper mines are well known, but there are also the remnants of slate, granite, china clay and limestone quarrying as well as the associated industries of gunpowder manufacture, foundry work and so on.


My work is almost entirely analogue/ wet darkroom/silver-based or however you'd prefer to describe something that doesn't involve a digital camera or a computer (at least until it comes to putting it on here!) Yes - some of us do still use long strips of plastic with light-sensitive chemicals suspended in a gelatine coating and we enjoy the smell of fixer lingering on our fingers for a day after a darkroom session!


I reluctantly use digital photography for some applications such as magazine contributions, where its ease of sending and instant (if rather soul-less!) results do offer some convenience. I have been published in Cornwall Life, Cornish World (now gone to the digital dark side!), Waterways World, Jaguar Enthusiast and (my favourite!) Classic Van and Pick-Up. My work has been used on the packaging of Ilford photographic paper.


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